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Winches & Winders Expands
Technologically and Geographically

We are noted for our dynamic approach to all new projects. We carefully evaluate the customer’s requirements and identify challenges.

Our designs embody considerations of safety, cost-effectiveness, and best engineering practice. Manufacturing takes place under strict quality control and project management standards.

We have state-of-the-art design capabilities and the supporting structure in-house and from specialist sub-contractors to offer single drum, double drum and Koepe winders up to 5 metre drum diameter and 280kN rope pull.

Some of the projects we have recently completed or are in the process of completing include:

  • Modern rope handling solution for a 100m high tower-mounted Koepe Hoisting system.
  • Turnkey projects, executed in Africa and offshore, including full headgear, hoisting system, winder house, control units, etc.
  • Sophisticated containerised control rooms
  • Single Drum Stage Winders

Multi-Rope - Rope Handling Equipment

Instructed by, and working in partnership with Worley Parsons, Winches & Winders designed a rope handling solution for Wesizwe’s Bakubung Platinum Mine.

Our solution’s primary function is to rope up a four-rope Koepe friction winder that is tower-mounted 100m above surface.

Messenger winches pull the winder ropes through sheave wheels situated in the headgear, and are fitted with a worm gearbox to ensure zero runback.
Rope reelers create a rope tension of at least 20kN. Whilst in tension mode the rope reeler will induce counter-torque as required to ensure correct T1 /T2 ratio.

The system is operated from a driver’s pedestal fitted with HMI interface and driver’s controls. The control system is housed in a customized Tech Ege container.
The system is designed to increase each of the four rope tensions from 20kN (max tension from rope reel) to 200 kN via a mobile rope tensioner.

With thanks to Creamer Media (Mining Weekly) – follow the links below for more on the new rope reeling equipment.


Different modes of operation are available on the control system.

  • Tension Mode
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Forward/Reverse Mode

Progress at our Works

The rope handling equipment will also rope up a double drum man and materials winder, as well as a single drum service winder.

Interchangeable friction liners allow different rope diameters for different winders.

International Turnkey Project

Tech Edge designed and supplied the full headgear, winder house, winders, skips, ropes, etc., as part of an offshore turnkey project. The project was completed on time and on budget, and complies with very strict international safety regulations.

We work in close partnership with leading consultants.

Tech Edge is competent to supply similar turnkey projects for small to medium mines
Two single drum Stage Winders, and single drum Kibble Winder, showing containerised cabins, awaiting shipment

Headgear, Winder House and Containerised Control Modules
Containerised Driver’s Cabin

Containerised Control Cabins

Our containerised control cabins are modular, insulated, and air conditioned, providing operator comfort.
This allows portability, while providing security for high value equipment, and protection from the elements.

Containerised Fulton’s Driver’s Desk for 2M Diameter Single Drum Winder
Comprising SIL2 Rated Equipment as per IEC 61508 and Australian Mining Regulations
Human Machine Interface System, Containerised

Single Drum Stage Winders

Our single drum stage winders usually operate in multiples of two, and are electrically interconnected and controlled. This configuraton has proved to be successful.

One of the Single Drum Stage Winders installed in Ukraine

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